About Us

Form To Race, Race To Win! 


Raceform is developed under the support of YK Technologies Singapore. It's business fundamentals are built over many years with vast experience on Plastic sheets manufacturing and processing. 

Its a special company, that does not rely on outsourcing. Everything is done under the wing of YK Technologies, from designing to mold manufacturing, from production to finishing and lastly packing (and we even do our own stickers). All is proudly done in SIngapore and solely by Raceform.

With the Product Engineering fundamentals, Raceform's objectives is to design with good looks that work well. FORM OVER FUNCTION, or FUNCTION OVER FORM, Raceform decided to take both as the important design ideas.

Raceform products that are designed and prototyped, and are sent to racers worldwide to test before launching in the market.