About Us


Form To Race, Race To Win! 


  • Name: Raceform
  • Affiliation: Developed under YK Technologies Singapore
  • Industry: RC (Remote-controlled) products

Business Model:

  • Vertically Integrated: Handles everything in-house, from design and mold manufacturing to production, finishing, and packaging.
  • Self-Reliant: Doesn't rely on outsourcing for any stage of the production process.
  • Location: Operates solely in Singapore.

Design Philosophy:

  • Focus: Blends aesthetics with functionality.
  • Mantra: "Form and Function" are equally important design considerations.

Product Development:

  • Pre-launch Testing: Products are designed, prototyped, and sent to international racers for testing before market launch.

Key Points:

  • Raceform leverages the experience of YK Technologies in plastic manufacturing.
  • They maintain complete control over the production process, ensuring quality and potentially faster turnaround times.
  • Their design approach prioritizes both good looks and functionality.
  • By involving racers in the testing phase, they aim to ensure their products meet the needs of their target audience.


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