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TeknoRC EB410/ET410 V2 Electronic Tray

TeknoRC EB410/ET410 V2 Electronic Tray

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  • Stronger and more durable
  • Upgraded to NEW material and elimination of stress areas
  • 4 part design -  any parts can be replaced without the need to purchase a whole unit
  • CNC machined electronic tray and laser etched Raceform Logo
  • Clean look to your EB410
  • No modification needed to your buggy
  • PT transponder at the far most possible front
  • Tray has enough area to hold Transponder, Receiver, Speed Controller and capacitor
  • Only 4 screws in total including motor mount to remove full electronics section.
  • 28 grams with cover and screws
  • Transponder area size 31mm x17mm
  • Receiver area size 24mm x 37mm x 28mm height (Internal Dimensions)
  • Speed Controlller and capacitor area size is 41mm x 53mm

Get it together with the shock towers without extra shipping cost!

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