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TeknoRC EB410 High Wing Mount with Under Wing Diffuser

TeknoRC EB410 High Wing Mount with Under Wing Diffuser

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Most aftermarket wings' sides are lower than the mounting area! And not suitable for EB410. 
Raceform Riser Wing Mount will not only make enough clearance for tires under full compression, it improves downforce via the under wing diffuser design.


  • Precisely CNC machined from High Impact Clear Polycarbonate (Lexan)
  • Under-side fin diffuser creates downforce
  • Larger surface area improves wing life
  • Reduce or eliminate wing side rubbing the tires during full compression
  • Weight - 8grams
  • Matching Stainless Steel screws included 
Dynamics of Raceform Under Wing Diffuser / Riser

The diffuser aerodynamic purpose is to increase the airspeed of the air flow underneath the wing. The air pressure under the wing is then affected by the diffuser, and thus return to normal ambient pressure in the diffuser as the air moves thru. Because the air pressure below the wing is lower, the diffuser will create downforce.


  1. Rise up the wing mounting area to ensure enough tire clearance for most aftermarket wings (definitely a must have if you want to use other brands of wings)
  2. Increase down force thru Under Wing Diffuser design


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